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We are a dedicated team of passionate pinheads from the Philadelphia area. Our goals are to introduce a fresh new look at apparel and to bring more exposure to all aspects of the pinball hobby including live events, news and interviews. 


Be sure to follow us on social media for frequent updates on products and event appearances.


If you do see us at a show, don't let our appearances fool you, we are super nice so stop on by and say hello!  


Actually a robot, Beck handles our finances, drawing shit, and keeps us out of trouble. 

When not playing pinball, she also enjoys spinning her own yarn and knitting it.

She is an Aquarius and prefers to sit in darkness and listen to smooth jazz.

Loves Billy Joel.


Known locally as MicroAggression due to his height and inability to control his rage, Chris handles IT and is the master of our video streams.

When not tilting machines, he enjoys photographing and driving super fast cars.

He is also a Virgo and loves hairband love ballads.

Also loves Billy Joel.


Pound for pound, he is the largest member of the team.


Matt handles graphic design, color commentary and machine maintenance.


When not playing pinball, he also enjoys playing D&D and collecting toys of transforming robots.


He is also an Aries and savors long moonlit walks in park.


Also loves Billy Joel. 

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